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Parker I has announced a new public opinion program in the Republic of Secundomia, called “What do You Want?” It will help citizens get their ideas out to the government quicker, and more comprehensibly. Here was Parker I’s announcement message:

People of Secundomia, we have descended to a period of darkness recently. I have heard comments about me being a bad president and a “dictator.” I am sorry you see me in this way. I cannot make everyone happy, but I wish to make at least the majority of you satisfied with the way I run this government. I think that part of the reason I cannot identify with most of you is the lack of communication. I see none of our citizens in person even on a weekly basis! So that is why I have started, “What do You Want?” a program which will allow me to have better communication with you. All you do is send me your opinions on the way Secundomia is being run, and how you think it could change for the better. I will publish these opinions to all of Secundomia. If the people seem like these suggestions, I will propose it to the Council, and let the Legislature take over.

Parker I today formally appointed the cabinet of Secundomia. The members of the cabinet had already taken their spots, but their formal appointment had not yet occurred.

Nate I was appointed for Secretary of Development. Nate is known for his success in Secundomian development. He had designed the Secundomian flag, and was working on a monument at the time of election. Nate I has already begun work on the Rocket project.

Spencer I was appointed for Secretary of Defense. Spencer I has begun work in the Rocket project as well.

Luke I was appointed for Secretary of Economics. Luke is known to have the same economic ideology as President Parker I, so this was no surprise either. Luke has already started a movement to ban taxes in Secundomia, which the President supports.

The government of Secundomia has released plans to build a rocket. The design schematic has yet to be drawn. Sec. of Defense, Spencer I, and Sec. of Development, Nate I, are both working on the rocket. President Parker I commissioned the rocket, and will have a part to play in it’s construction. The rocket was planned to be fired using an engine, which would be available at science and hobby stores. But after review, Parker I decided to create a short range defense rocket. The rocket will be springloaded, with 4 springs, and will have a foam cap, sufficient for knocking RC aircraft out of the air.


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