Westnitria Accepts Alliance Offer; Secundomia offered Southern Cipania

Southern Cipania

Southern Cipania, territory recently offered to the Republic of Secundomia.

The Kingdom of Westnitria recently accepted Secundomia’s alliance offer, and offered Secundomia something else in return. Secundomia was offered territory near Westnitria and the Macronation of Slovakia. This area is known as Southern Cipania. Secundomia has not yet accepted, as the Secundomian Legislature must approve of the bill. Secundomian President, Parker I, said,

“I am very grateful of this offer, and hope that Westnitria and Secundomia will have great relations in the future!”

This event comes soon after a proposed aircraft in the Slinky Empyre was nick-named the “Secundomian.” The President says,

“I see Secundomia growing to further recognition in the Micronational Community. Both of these events show our upwards ascent towards becoming a great influence in the MicroWorld.”

–Parker I, President of Secundomia–


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