New President Appoints Citizens for Various Governmental Positions

Yesterday Luke of Secundomia, in his first act as president, has appointed Secundomian Citizens for various governmental positions. He sent out this message at 10:20 SST last night:

Hello, Secundomia! This is your newly elected president.
First off, I would like to thank those of you who voted for me in the recent election. I will do my best to make Secundomia a wonderful micronation to be a part of. Second, I would like to thank those of you who didn’t vote for me in the recent election, because you are still a citizen of Secundomia, which means you’re awesome. So thank you for being a part of our micronation. Finally, I would like to announce that I have appointed each of you (except for Jacob and Evan, since I’ve never heard a word from either of them) to a role (or multiple roles) in Secundomian society. Below is the list of positions, the names of the people who are assigned to each position, and a brief description as to what each position entails.
Foreign Affairs
These positions have all been assigned to Parker because he has demonstrated inter-micronational knowledge far superior to that of anyone else in Secundomia (including me). As a side note, if you have any questions relating to the micronational community, Parker is the one to ask.
Director and Minister of Secundomian Foreign Affairs (Cabinet) Parker
Ambassador to the Organisation of Active Micronations Parker
Director of Sports and Ambassador to the MUSC (Micronational Union of Sport and Culture) Parker
The Grand General of the Secundomian Military is basically the one in charge of everyone else in the “Military” category. He will oversee all military operations and everyone else in this category reports to him. The General of Secundomian Military Development is in charge of, well, developing the military (aquiring new weapons, etc.). The Commanding Generals of the various brances of the Secundomian military (Army, Navy, Air Force) must each, under the supervision of the GGSM and GSMD, gather information about their branch of the Secundomian military and make plans to expand it. For example, the CGSN (Commanding General of the Secundomian Navy) would need to gather information about the watercraft owned by Secundomians, etc.
Grand General of the Secundomian Military (Cabinet) Spencer
General of Secundomian Military Development Parker
Commanding General of the Secundomian Army Nate
Commanding General of the Secundomian Navy Spencer
Commanding General of the Secundomian Air Force Ibrahim
As he has been in the past, Parker is basically Secundomia’s head territory-organizer and map-maker. Information about the total square miles of land in Secundomia and where our various land masses are located could be a good idea for a project to be created by this department.
Director of Secundomian Territories Parker
Director of Territorial Expansion (Cabinet) Parker
The Head Secundomian Economic Advisor will have the responsibility of designing currency for Secundomia, as well as advising the President on economy-related issues. The Director of Events will have the job of planning a potential get-together of Secundomian citizens, as well as submitting ideas to the President (or Vice President) for Secundomian holidays. The Chief Architect of Secundomia and Director of Urban Development will, as the title suggests, be in charge of architecture/design-related matters. The Secundomian Citizen Relations Specialist will be the one to encourage participation in Secundomia and basically make sure everyone is happy. And finally, the Chief Immigration Officer will handle immigration/emigration-related issues, grant or revoke Secundomian citizenship (with the approval of the President), and attempt to gather people to become new citizens of Secundomia (although every Secundomian citizen is encouraged to do so).
Head Secundomian Economic Advisor (Cabinet) Brett
Director of Events (Cabinet) Empress of Atlan
Chief Architect of Secundomia and Director of Urban Development (Cabinet) President Snow
Secundomian Citizen Relations Specialist Brett
Chief Immigration Officer Brett
Please realize that if each of you was placed in your position(s) for a reason, so it would be best if each of you take on the responsibilites of the position you are currently assigned to. If, however, you would like to request a different position because of a major problem with the one you currently possess, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Note that some names are changed for security reasons.

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