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Elections are over

Secundomian elections have ended. The Presidential elections ended at 12:00 noon SST today. Here are the results

Luke (Conservative Party): 2

Spencer (Spencer’s Super Awesome Party of Super Awesomeness): 1

Parker (Independent): 3

Gubernatorial elections were conducted in many states this past month. Here are the results:


Luke (Conservative): 1


Spencer (Conservative): 2

Middle Secundomia:

Parker (Conservative): 2

Lower Secundomia:
(Failed to conduct elections)

Bu Ocagin

(Failed to conduct elections)

Southern Cipania

(Failed to conduct elections)

All states that failed to conduct elections (Bu Ocagin, Southern Cipania, and Lower Secundomia) are to be dissolved at midnight tonight. Bu Ocagin will be merged with Merreneitoja, and Lower Secundomia will be merged with Middle Secundomia. Southern Cipania will become a territory.

President Parker I has announced he will speak on “Global Warming Alarmism” in December.

In his recent speech, Vice-President of Secundomia, Parker I, spoke out against political and religious extremism.

The speech can be found below

Greetings Secundomians, micronationalists and others. Everyone knows too much of anything, even if it is good, can have disastrous results. This is the reason extremism should not be tolerated. Whether it be monarchist extremism, absolutism, communist extremism, or Fascism, political extremes are, in the whole, terrible for a nation. In religions, extremism also abounds. Islamist Extremism can be found in terrorism across the world, christian extremism can also be found. Every religion has it’s extremes, and none of them are good.

Lets start with Political Extremism in one category: Anarchism. I am a libertarian, and yet I know total anarchism would be terrible. Anarchism would cause the world to break down. With no laws, some people could enact terrible things on others, without resistance. If everyone was nice to others in the world, Total Anarchism could be the proper philosophy. However, as anyone would know, there is no way to ensure that people stay in line, without some form of governance. This is the reason Total Anarchism can never work.

Anarchy is not the only political extreme. There are others, like extreme Communism or Socialism. These extreme variants cannot work in a practical world. The restrictions that these variants impose on a people are too much. Communism and Socialism require total government control of the market. This restricts people’s freedoms to buy and sell what they want. Why should the government decide what people want, and at what price they can buy them? Even if the government is elected, the wants of minorities in the system are nearly ignored. Also the people are forced into jobs, because the government cannot allow an industry to die in Communist and Socialist systems. These people are forced to preform tasks that they may not have to in a free market. The people’s rights are trampled! And extremists say they are defeating oppression! What kind of twisted logic is that?

Now let’s go into something completely different, and yet very similar: The religious extreme. Of course, if political extremes are so wrong, then religious extremes must be wrong as well. As an atheist, I beleive there is no deity or deities involved in the creation or operation of the universe. However, most people disagree. They say that there are deities, or just one deity, more often, involved. Although I disagree, I respect everyone’s rights to beleive in whatever they want. However, religious extremists often don’t. They claim that their religion reigns supreme, and that others must bow down to it. These extremists often act in inappropriate ways to express their beliefs. For example, Islamic Terrorists have committed many acts of bombing civilian buildings across the world. The MicroWorld has seen a Hindu extremist nation, Rajputistan, cause trouble. And Christianity also has it’s extremists. For example, a Florida minister is staging International Burn a Koran day this September Eleventh. We should mourn the acts of extremists on the sad day of 9/11, not commit ones of our own!

What should we do about extremism? Extremism must not survive. People have the right to beleive what they want, but when they take it too far, they cannot be tolerated. Fight against extremism! End the oppression of extremists! People of the world, it is time to rise up and fight!