The President has released, exclusively to the micronational community, his scheduled speech on global warming activism. The speech can be found below, in it’s original form.

We knew the 2035 claim was gray literature”–Dr. Murari Lal

Dr Pachuri has also been accused of using the error to win grants worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.”–The Times (UK)

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is a well respected body of climate change experts who evaluate the risk of human caused climate change. They are sanctioned by the UN and won the Nobel prize in 2007 for their work.

The IPCC used research from UN scientist Dr. Murari Lal at a Climate conference in Copenhagen, knowing it had not been reviewed. The research stated that the Himalayan Glaciers would melt by 2035. The Indian Government spoke up citing their own, more recent, research as an independent review of Dr. Lal’s report, they was dismissed by the chairman of the IPCC, Raj Pachauri, as conducting “voodoo science.” The IPCC, after being told by Dr. Lal that the science had not been peer reviewed, announced that they would “consider” using other research in their final report. They only used Dr. Lal’s.

IPCC Chair, Dr. Pachauri is very controversial. He has been accused of using his power as leader of the IPCC to help his global warming research group TERI. Recently he was accused of using the false glacier claims to gain grant money, worth hundreds of thousands of British pounds. This story of this broke out in January 2010, somehow it has been kept relatively under wraps here in the US, while in the UK it was covered by prestigious newspapers such as the Times and the Daily Mail.

This is the whole reason Global Warming, now called Climate Change, was popularized. Money. The money involved with supporting global warming is immense. Scientists are not alone in capitalizing on this opportunity.

Hybrid makers, car companies like Toyota, Ford, Nissan and others are capitalizing on “climate change.” These companies, and others, push the idea that the world is in peril, and that the best way to solve the problem is, of course, to buy one of their “eco-friendly” vehicles. (Present graph here). The sales of hybrids are higher than ever, and so is the demand. All because of the “climate change.” For these Hybrid makers, already experiencing sales jumps, President Obama is funding 2.4 billion dollars of taxpayer money to help companies produce next generation hybrid batteries, hybrid car structure, and better electric engines. The money will be administered by the Department of Energy.

Developing countries also capitalize. Namibia is a developing country capitalizing on global warming. Namibia has demanded 755.9 million US Dollars in damages from UN countries. That is a lot of money. Namibia did not specify who the money would come from in the climate conference, just that they required it. They are claiming damages such as a 1.2 degree temperature rise in the last century, and possible extinction of the indigenous “Quiver Tree.” This is ridiculous. Namibia claims that developed countries must pay them money for something that hasn’t been proved. This is like demanding a fine from a criminal who hasn’t been convicted.

Even in the US, government officials are demanding money for climate change. Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California are demanding that a tax on carbon be put into place. According to HowStuffWorks.com, a carbon tax would “levie a fee on the production, distribution or use of fossil fuels based on how much carbon their combustion emits. The government sets a price per ton on carbon, then translates it into a tax on electricity, natural gas or oil.” Such a tax would only hurt the nation. A tax that has not already been implemented takes money from the people and gives it to the government. No one should support this even if it’s intentions are good.

The money involved in global warming is colossal and people of different backgrounds, scientists, car manufacturers, developing nations, and national governments are cashing in on the hoax. They have already convinced most of the world’s population and they will continue to drive the idea into our heads.


The two most influential micronations (according to the OAM) have placed “full diplomatic embargo[es]” on Atlantis. These two micronations, the Federal Republic of St. Charlie and the Federated Republics of A1 placed embargoes after comments by members of the Republic of Atlantis.

Atlantis has been under scrutiny by St. Charlie for months. St. Charlie accuses Atlantis for copying St. Charlian military ranks and other national symbols. Other micronations have accused Atlantis of faking the Atlantis Civil War.

Parker I has assured that Secundomia will not place an embargo on Atlantis

Shortly after the condemnations Atlantis was banned from the OAM. Parker I of Secundomia says this ban should not have been approved:

The text of the resolution says “[the OAM] decides to bar Atlantis or any possible follow-up nations from joining the OAM.” What if they change? What if they admit their mistakes? This has barred Atlantis from EVER joining. The Resolution was created by Sebastiano von Linden (aka Mark Dresner), who admitted his mistakes, and was accepted in the community. What if that happens with Atlantis Mr. von Linden? What if you had been barred from ever rejoining the community? Would you have liked that?

Parker I later assured that Secundomia will not place an embargo on Atlantis.

Secundomian elections have ended. The Presidential elections ended at 12:00 noon SST today. Here are the results

Luke (Conservative Party): 2

Spencer (Spencer’s Super Awesome Party of Super Awesomeness): 1

Parker (Independent): 3

Gubernatorial elections were conducted in many states this past month. Here are the results:


Luke (Conservative): 1


Spencer (Conservative): 2

Middle Secundomia:

Parker (Conservative): 2

Lower Secundomia:
(Failed to conduct elections)

Bu Ocagin

(Failed to conduct elections)

Southern Cipania

(Failed to conduct elections)

All states that failed to conduct elections (Bu Ocagin, Southern Cipania, and Lower Secundomia) are to be dissolved at midnight tonight. Bu Ocagin will be merged with Merreneitoja, and Lower Secundomia will be merged with Middle Secundomia. Southern Cipania will become a territory.

President Parker I has announced he will speak on “Global Warming Alarmism” in December.

In his recent speech, Vice-President of Secundomia, Parker I, spoke out against political and religious extremism.

The speech can be found below

Greetings Secundomians, micronationalists and others. Everyone knows too much of anything, even if it is good, can have disastrous results. This is the reason extremism should not be tolerated. Whether it be monarchist extremism, absolutism, communist extremism, or Fascism, political extremes are, in the whole, terrible for a nation. In religions, extremism also abounds. Islamist Extremism can be found in terrorism across the world, christian extremism can also be found. Every religion has it’s extremes, and none of them are good.

Lets start with Political Extremism in one category: Anarchism. I am a libertarian, and yet I know total anarchism would be terrible. Anarchism would cause the world to break down. With no laws, some people could enact terrible things on others, without resistance. If everyone was nice to others in the world, Total Anarchism could be the proper philosophy. However, as anyone would know, there is no way to ensure that people stay in line, without some form of governance. This is the reason Total Anarchism can never work.

Anarchy is not the only political extreme. There are others, like extreme Communism or Socialism. These extreme variants cannot work in a practical world. The restrictions that these variants impose on a people are too much. Communism and Socialism require total government control of the market. This restricts people’s freedoms to buy and sell what they want. Why should the government decide what people want, and at what price they can buy them? Even if the government is elected, the wants of minorities in the system are nearly ignored. Also the people are forced into jobs, because the government cannot allow an industry to die in Communist and Socialist systems. These people are forced to preform tasks that they may not have to in a free market. The people’s rights are trampled! And extremists say they are defeating oppression! What kind of twisted logic is that?

Now let’s go into something completely different, and yet very similar: The religious extreme. Of course, if political extremes are so wrong, then religious extremes must be wrong as well. As an atheist, I beleive there is no deity or deities involved in the creation or operation of the universe. However, most people disagree. They say that there are deities, or just one deity, more often, involved. Although I disagree, I respect everyone’s rights to beleive in whatever they want. However, religious extremists often don’t. They claim that their religion reigns supreme, and that others must bow down to it. These extremists often act in inappropriate ways to express their beliefs. For example, Islamic Terrorists have committed many acts of bombing civilian buildings across the world. The MicroWorld has seen a Hindu extremist nation, Rajputistan, cause trouble. And Christianity also has it’s extremists. For example, a Florida minister is staging International Burn a Koran day this September Eleventh. We should mourn the acts of extremists on the sad day of 9/11, not commit ones of our own!

What should we do about extremism? Extremism must not survive. People have the right to beleive what they want, but when they take it too far, they cannot be tolerated. Fight against extremism! End the oppression of extremists! People of the world, it is time to rise up and fight!

Today the republic of Secundomia was the second to place a diplomatic embargo on the Kingdom of Starland. After opposing a motion to condemn Starland in the OAM, Parker I, Director of Foreign Affairs decided to place the embargo. This followed an embargo by Penrith that same morning. Starland has not been well liked in the past, with vicious attacks on the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus, and their recent support of the A1NLF. Although Parker I was in support of them in the past, “They have gone too far, definitely interrupting in affairs they have no business in.”

Resolution #9 has been passed by the Secundomian government. This is a landmark resolution and, according to Vice-President and Director of Secundomian Territories, Parker I, it “Changes the face of Secundomia forever.” Below is the text of the Resolution.

The Council,
Noting the excess of states with only one citizen
Noting that if we continue with this as our population grows, there will be even more states with only one citizen
Noting that this makes Secundomia less organized

Decides that a plan must be implemented to stop this from happening
Decides that this plan will be implemented immediately
Decides that the below plan is the best way to get rid of this problem.

1. All new territories entering Secundomia South of **** Street, West of ******* Rd, North of ***** Street and East of ****** Boulevard will immediately become part of Middle Secundomia, unless they are to  become a Military District.
2. All new territories entering Secundomia North of **** Street, West of ******* Rd, East of ******Boulevard, and South of **** Street will immediately become part of Lower Secundomia, unless they are to become a Military District.
3. All new Territories entering Secundomia North of ****** **** Parkway (or Highway ** west of ***** *****Road), West of ****** Boulevard, East of **** ***** Road, and South of **** Street (or the ****** River, west of **** Rd) will immediately become part of Merenneitoja, unless they are to become a Military District.
4.All new territories entering Secundomia South of ******* **** Parkway (or Highway ** west of ****** ***** Road), West of ****** Boulevard, North of ***** Street (Or ****** St), and East of ******* St, (or **** *****Road) will immediately become part of Bu Ocağın, unless they are to become a Military District.
5. The Southern region of Lower Secundomia will stay Lower Secundomian.
6. The Territory of Southern Secundomia will become part of Middle Secundomia.
7. The Territory of Upper Secundomia will become part of Lower Secundomia.
8. The Merenneitojan state below ****** **** Parkway will stay Merenneitojan.
9. If someone wants to secede from their state and form their own, they may ask permission from congress, and the state that they belong to. Both must say yes, unless the government gives 80% or more advantage, and the president personally writes to the governor of the state that the secessors are asking to secede from, forcing the governor to give permission.
10. A new territory outside of these boundaries will be able to form their own state.

Affirms that these rules will not be disregarded
Affirms that only a formal resolution will be able to discard these rules

Yesterday Luke of Secundomia, in his first act as president, has appointed Secundomian Citizens for various governmental positions. He sent out this message at 10:20 SST last night:

Hello, Secundomia! This is your newly elected president.
First off, I would like to thank those of you who voted for me in the recent election. I will do my best to make Secundomia a wonderful micronation to be a part of. Second, I would like to thank those of you who didn’t vote for me in the recent election, because you are still a citizen of Secundomia, which means you’re awesome. So thank you for being a part of our micronation. Finally, I would like to announce that I have appointed each of you (except for Jacob and Evan, since I’ve never heard a word from either of them) to a role (or multiple roles) in Secundomian society. Below is the list of positions, the names of the people who are assigned to each position, and a brief description as to what each position entails.
Foreign Affairs
These positions have all been assigned to Parker because he has demonstrated inter-micronational knowledge far superior to that of anyone else in Secundomia (including me). As a side note, if you have any questions relating to the micronational community, Parker is the one to ask.
Director and Minister of Secundomian Foreign Affairs (Cabinet) Parker
Ambassador to the Organisation of Active Micronations Parker
Director of Sports and Ambassador to the MUSC (Micronational Union of Sport and Culture) Parker
The Grand General of the Secundomian Military is basically the one in charge of everyone else in the “Military” category. He will oversee all military operations and everyone else in this category reports to him. The General of Secundomian Military Development is in charge of, well, developing the military (aquiring new weapons, etc.). The Commanding Generals of the various brances of the Secundomian military (Army, Navy, Air Force) must each, under the supervision of the GGSM and GSMD, gather information about their branch of the Secundomian military and make plans to expand it. For example, the CGSN (Commanding General of the Secundomian Navy) would need to gather information about the watercraft owned by Secundomians, etc.
Grand General of the Secundomian Military (Cabinet) Spencer
General of Secundomian Military Development Parker
Commanding General of the Secundomian Army Nate
Commanding General of the Secundomian Navy Spencer
Commanding General of the Secundomian Air Force Ibrahim
As he has been in the past, Parker is basically Secundomia’s head territory-organizer and map-maker. Information about the total square miles of land in Secundomia and where our various land masses are located could be a good idea for a project to be created by this department.
Director of Secundomian Territories Parker
Director of Territorial Expansion (Cabinet) Parker
The Head Secundomian Economic Advisor will have the responsibility of designing currency for Secundomia, as well as advising the President on economy-related issues. The Director of Events will have the job of planning a potential get-together of Secundomian citizens, as well as submitting ideas to the President (or Vice President) for Secundomian holidays. The Chief Architect of Secundomia and Director of Urban Development will, as the title suggests, be in charge of architecture/design-related matters. The Secundomian Citizen Relations Specialist will be the one to encourage participation in Secundomia and basically make sure everyone is happy. And finally, the Chief Immigration Officer will handle immigration/emigration-related issues, grant or revoke Secundomian citizenship (with the approval of the President), and attempt to gather people to become new citizens of Secundomia (although every Secundomian citizen is encouraged to do so).
Head Secundomian Economic Advisor (Cabinet) Brett
Director of Events (Cabinet) Empress of Atlan
Chief Architect of Secundomia and Director of Urban Development (Cabinet) President Snow
Secundomian Citizen Relations Specialist Brett
Chief Immigration Officer Brett
Please realize that if each of you was placed in your position(s) for a reason, so it would be best if each of you take on the responsibilites of the position you are currently assigned to. If, however, you would like to request a different position because of a major problem with the one you currently possess, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Note that some names are changed for security reasons.

This past week, the Secundomian Army recuited 5 new soldiers.

The new soldiers are….

  • President Snow
  • Parker I
  • Spencer I
  • Ibrahim I
  • Nate I

With these recruits, the Army is placed on Standby.

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